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What We Do

Welcome to LMI.

Here at LMI we hold four model journeys each year. We offer an ideal opportunity for children to experience the modelling industry. Whilst having fun, making friends and building confidence. 

Models are split into four age groups. Age 3-4 Teeny Tinys, age 5-7 Tinys, age 8-10 Minis and age 11-12 Littles. Applications are open to both boys and girls in all age groups. 

Models do not pay to enter the journey, there are no restrictions and all models who secure a place on the journey will receive a trophy at the end of their experience. All children are beautiful and their own uniqueness is encouraged. Each child is special, all in their very own way. Its LMIs job to award them for their uniqueness at the end of their journey. Every child who takes part in the LMI journey, will grow in a number of different ways.

Children will make new friends, build confidence and experience what it is really like to be a little model.

Applications are open all year round. Due to health and safety the maximum number of children accepted per model journey is 100. Thousands of applications are received each term this is due to LMI only taking place only four times a year. If the application close date is missed. The child will not be able to join on the journey and will have to wait until the following term begins.

The four journeys begin in season quarter. Spring term will begin in February and end in April.  Summer term will begin in April and end in June. Autumn term will begin July and end in September. Winter term will begin in September and end in November. 



The Finalists Of Liverpools Next Top Model 2015. Location shoot held on The Kathleen and May