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What We Do

Welcome to LMI Liverpool Here at LMI we offer the ultimate model experience for all ages. From studio shoots, to model training days, location shoots and live catwalk competitions. Build your own model portal for free on our website. Share your very own model website with agents, friends and family.

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Spring term will begin in February and end in April.

Open to kids age 3-12 and teens aged 13-17.


Summer term will begin in April and end in June.

Open to kids aged 3-12 and adults aged 18-25.


Autumn term will begin July and end in September.

Open to kids aged 3-12 and teens aged 13-17.


Winter term will begin in September and end in November.

Open to kids aged 3-12 and babies aged 0-36 months.


The Finalists Of Liverpools Next Top Model 2015. Location shoot held on The Kathleen and May