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What We Do

LMI hold 4 modelling events per year as well as offering model training days. We also offer all our finalist a free photo shoot at their local LMI Studio. Here at LMI we are about boosting confidence. We ask parents to stress the importance of taking part and not winning as much as we do. Anything that costs at LMI is optional. We don't think you can put a price on confidence for young people. What it can lead to and how much they can get from a confidence boost stays with them for life.

We build people's confidence and give people the belief that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. It may just be an event but the changes this can make to the rest of your life is unreal. Many of our past contestants have said … I would never have tried other opportunities had it not been for the confidence LMI gave me. So, what are you waiting for?

GET ON THE CATWALK. You can do it!


The Finalists Of Liverpools Next Top Model 2015. Location shoot held on The Kathleen and May